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Proper Protection Planning Articles

How to Make A Proper Insurance Plan

Many people are still clueless about what they are covered for despite having bought numerous policies. This could easily reult in unncessary duplication or worse, not getting the correct protection despite paying high premiums. Get to know how to construct a proper Protection Plan here.

Available Insurance Products For Protection Planning

With the different classes of insurance products available, it can be frustrating and confusing for the layman to try to build a Protection Plan. The main classes of insurance policies are summarized into a easy to understand table. Read the article here.

Top 10 Common Mistakes In Protection Planning

Due to the complexity of the different class of products, consumers often use the incorrect type of policy to meet their needs or purchased them with the wrong concept. Making such mistakes can result in huge financial consequences. Read the discussion on the top 10 common mistakes here.

Proper Protection Planning – Comparison of Strategies

Coming up with a Proper Protection Plan is only the first step – identifying an effective strategy or strategies to accomplish the plan and acting on these strategies is essential for success. Two common strategies are available for long-term holistic Protection Planning – Buying Participating Plan and Buy-Term-Invest-The-Rest (BTITR). Download the article here.

Proper Protection Planning – Sample Protection Portfolios

After learning about the basics of Proper Protection Planning, how can we implement the findings and the various solutions? This issue of Invest summarizes the possible dreaded situations, possible concerns and liabilities and possible solutions to address them in pre-retirement and during retirement. 2 Protection Portfolios are also discussed – 1 using Whole Life and the other using Term plans for Buy-Term-Invest-The-Rest (BTITR). The article’s titled: Proper Protection Planning – Sample Protection Portfolio.

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