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My Story

Many of us feel that unfortunate events only befall on others but do not happen to ourselves. We make all kind of plans like career plans, marriage plans, travel plans, renovation plans thinking things will go as planned. Sadly, Life do not always go according to our wishes.

My father passed away when I was 12, on the early morning of the 1st marking day after the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). His death was not totally unexpected as he was suffering from nose cancer for a few years.

Financial Planning was not common at all during those times. Without any form of insurance, after my father’s diagnosis of the disease, my mom has to take up the responsibility of providing for the family. Taking on a few jobs at the same time, she slogged to provide the best possible for the family.

The memory of my mom reassuring my dad at his deathbed that she will do whatever it takes to bring up the kids haunts me till this day. And it will do so for the rest of my life…

Looking back, I wonder how would life be different if there was proper Financial Planning. Would all of the children be given more opportunities? Would all of us have gained more fruitful experiences? What about simple family affairs like going on a tour together? Would my elder sister been able to continue her studies after her ‘O’ levels? What if I were not able to get into a local university? Maybe my mom can pick up some hobbies that she like since she does not have to work so hard? The list goes on…

On the other hand, I am glad things were not worse. We did not get into bad company due to the lack of supervision as my mom burns away her life lighting up ours. Education wise, me and my younger sister managed to complete university education through a local university and distant learning respectively. The lack of planning could have affected more than my generation and change the lives of generations to come.

There is a saying that the best way to avoid mistakes is to learn from the experience of others. I share mine here in the hope that others can avoid what I had gone through. Hopefully, someone out there can benefit.

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